Thursday, October 19, 2006

Food Lifeline

Did you know that for $11 you can buy 55 Thanksgiving meals for hungry people in Western Washington?

Recently I received something in the mail from Food Lifeline and I was really impressed with what I read. For starters, the fact that they can do so much with such a small donation is impressive. For every $1 donated, Food Lifeline provides $9 worth of food for hungry people. Also, 96% of all donations go directly to feeding hungry people and only 4% goes to administrative fees. That is a very impressive ratio.

Thanksgiving is coming up and with $11 you can:
  • buy 3 lattes
  • buy less than 2 packs of cigarettes
  • pay to park downtown
  • eat breakfast at Chase's Pancake Corral
  • pay for 1/3 of a cab ride from Pioneer Square to my house

- OR -


Please visit their web site to make a tax deductible donation!
Hey, would you rather give that money to the government or people who really need it to do good in our community?

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