Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is anyone still here?

I thought that Facebook had killed this blog, but then friends started asking me about it. They said they wanted to know more than one sentence about what’s going on in my life. So here we go, one more try for this blog. Peer pressure!!!

First off, this squirrel is funny. (And thirsty!) It made me laugh.

Work: I used to have a rule that I wouldn’t blog about work, but I just have too much to say. My work gives me too much material to pass up sharing it.

They had a baby shower this week for three guys whose wives are having babies in May. I guess someone spiked the Coolaid last August. They had three massive Costco cakes, one homemade cake, Velveeta sauce, Doritos, and some other snacks. The shower started at 9 am. Yummy – the breakfast of champions. The homemade cake was layered, from bottom with: cake, frosting, brownies, Heath bars, fat free Coolwhip. They referred to this cake as the diet cake because it contained fat free Coolwhip. Diabetes people?!?!?!

My work is holding a charity raffle. You can enter your tickets for specific prizes. These are the prizes along with the amount of tickets I put in for each:
  • A GPS unit (Boooooooooooooooring! 0 tickets)
  • A VP’s parking spot for a year (1 ticket)
  • One of two other prime parking spots for a year (5 tickets)
  • One jeans day per month for a year (6 tickets)

I hope to win both the jeans days and a parking spot.

Cars: I am sorry to say that our Pathfinder, affectionately known as Shadrac will soon be on its way to the scrap heap. I touched the right front fender the other day and good sized chunk of it fell off. Rust, the cancer of cars. I feel guilty getting rid of a car that runs fine. We are thinking of replacing it with either a Subaru Outback Wagon or a Scion XB. We still need to do some research tough. Any other suggestions of what we should get?

I am not sure how I feel about having a nicer car. A couple of weeks ago Shadrac got into a tussle with a parking lot post and lost. When you have a beater-rust-bucket-jalopy that’s no big deal. I got out, tested that the door still opened (it did with a loud creak) and went on my way. I would have been pissed if that had happened with the new car. I would have even had to fix it.

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bladio said...

omg i want some of that diet cake! YUM.

i backed our new prius into a pillar the day i brought it home from the dealer. ever since then i've been a little less uptight about dinging it. but i do eventually get the dings fixed, when i can afford it.