Monday, September 24, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. K go in for the Kill

Yesterday DK and I went to the casino to play in the Sunday bounty poker tournament. It was a $50 buy in each. $40 of that goes to the prize pool and $10 of that pays for a bounty chip*.

*When you go all in you have to push your bounty chip in too. If you get knocked out, the person who won the hand gets the bounty chip. At the final table, the bounty chips are worth $10 each.

There were about 130 - 140 players. 12 tables of 11 plus a handful of alternates.

Early on I was able to accumulate a big chip stack and I earned some new nicknames in the process. Two different times I busted out guys that were all in with pocket aces – also known as “the nuts”. I beat them both times with straits. That earned me the nickname “the nutcracker”. LOL!

I caught a LOT of straits and combined with my big chip stack that earned me the nickname “Bank of STR” – the STR part meaning strait.

At one point, with two tables left I had about $100,000 in chips. Most of the other players at my table had between $2,000 and $15,000 in chips. If a short stacked player went all in (including their bounty chip) and I had a decent hand, I would usually call them. I had the money to do it and we only had two tables left. Any player that I can take out for a small percentage of my chip stack is one player closer to the final table for me. Plus that $10 bounty chip is always tempting. I took so many people out (10 by the time we were at the final table) that everyone started calling me “the bone collector”. A short stack would push all in and I would call and one of the old guys at the table would say “Uh oh! The bone collector is coming to get you!” That was fun. I took one guy out and his friend who was also at our table looked at me and said “Hey thanks! You just won me $5.00. I bet that he would go out first.” So the next hand the $5 winner went all in and I called and took him out too! Ha ha haaaaaaaaaa! That was fun.

I also earned the nicknames “the destroyer” and “the black widow”.

I was the last woman in the tournament and the player with the most bounty chips at the final table.

I think I was second in chips when we started the final table. Everyone at the final table was going to get paid so I was really happy just to be there. One guy was knocked out quickly. I played three hands against my husband and lost all three. In the process I also lost all of my chips. He had the best hand every time and he also played it right every time so he totally deserved to win those chips. Plus, if I am going to lose my chips to anyone at the final table, it hurts a little less when it’s my husband.

I was really happy with my play and with my winnings. I won $110 for my bounty chips and $160 for 9th place for a total of $270. Not bad!

DK made it down to the final five and at that point all of the remaining players decided to split the remaining prize pool. They each won $750 plus DK had seven bounty chips for a total of $820. As a couple we profited $990 in four hours! Not bad!


Raggedy Angst said...

The last time I played poker, everybody called me their "ATM." Not sure what they meant by that . . .

Bri said...

Yeah!!! Congrats again

CJ said...

AJ and I will have to go with you next time we have money, which should some time around 2015

NuclearToast said...

This is precisely why I won't play poker with you guys. That, and I really suck at it. All this "river" and "flop" stuff... bleah!

bladio said...

awesome! congratulations!